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At Bkind we are passionate about all things organic.

Every product in Bkind Organic Beauty Bar has been carefully selected for it's organic and natural qualities along with its effectiveness. It is also important that the creators behind the brands are as passionate as we are about creating amazing products and producing them with the right intentions of genuinely making a difference to the people and the earth we live on.

All our products are organic and natural, we have some of the best organic skincare and natural beauty products available to shop online or instore.

You wont find any cheap synthetic chemical ingredients in any of the products at Bkind. There are no SLS, parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, SLS, and synthetic fragrance. Our sourcing policy also extends to other commonly used chemicals.

We  also support the Palm Oil Action Group who actively campaign against the use of non-sustainable Palm Oil in the Toiletries, Cosmetics and Food Industry, incase you were wondering this is a cheap ingredient that is often used to instantly harden soaps, palm is the worlds second most produced oil behind the soybean, the dark side of this is that the only places on the planet you can grow palm trees to harvest the fruit for oil is in a tropical climate, so most of the forest in Indonesia, Malaysia and Borneo are being decimated to grow Palm Oil Plantations, this means that without their forest homes orangutans along with many other species will be extinct in 10 years, not to mention it is the worst type of saturated food oil you can ingest. Yes - sadly its true!